Time-keeping software for remote offices

Time-keeping software for remote offices

July 1, 2013


Time-keeping software for use with both standard and flexible working schedules. The system records work session start and end times as well as user activity. Personal smart cards are used to monitor when users clock in and out. On the basis of the data collected, scores are generated for employees in terms of: standard hours and overtime worked and lunch break duration. Events are recorded in a secure format and cannot be edited. In case of a failed server connection, the system saves the information locally. Once the connection to the server is re-established, the data is transferred.

Not too long ago, remote workers in the IT industry were being used for peripheral tasks only, such as copywriting, translating and proofreading. While the flexible aspect of remote work is still highly useful, the advances in technology mean that remote workers can be used for more significant and integral tasks. This requires a much higher level of monitoring of remote workers' activities, specifically the monitoring of what work was done and when it was carried out.

The infrastructure for finding skilled workers is still not especially developed, with most search engines based around listings linked to major cities, somewhat defeating the point of remote work, and a relative lack of skilled workers. However, remote workers show a great propensity to learn how to make this kind of work productive and successful, showing a willingness to learn first labour discipline, and later the specific forms of online testing used in our company. Instead of a job interview process, we developed a questionnaire which the applicant must fill out to show what skills they possess. Many candidates fail to complete the form on the first or even second attempt, and so it is easy to narrow down the selection pool in this way, as it would be difficult to establish a remote working relationship with negligent or even obstinate providers.

Once applicants have been accepted, we make use of Big Brother, a piece of software for tracking working hours, which allows the monitoring:

  • Activity
  • Traffic
  • Search engine use

Big Brother can be used to set penalties and restrictions based on various violations. For example, a 15 minute delay at the beginning of the working day may be tolerated once, or even twice, but after that there could be a dismissal. In a competitive market, lapses in concentration and long breaks cannot be accepted, and the software prevents this without requiring the constant attention of a manager. Managers can track situations where a particular provider is being underutilized, and send them specific or urgent tasks accordingly, maximizing the usefulness of remote employees. The kind of work performed during working hours can also be controlled, so that employees do not visit restricted or undesirable websites, and sensitive information is protected. Preventing all of these deviations means that working time paid for is performed as efficiently as possible, saving money. This allows for the full and proper utilization of remote workers. Furthermore, rent and equipment costs can be minimized in this way, as the cost of a programmer in capital is twice as high as elsewhere in the country, making the hiring of remote workers an ideal solution.

Mobile Employee

The Mobile Employee module makes it possible to monitor and track the work of traveling staff. The module is installed on the mobile phones of employees who are working in transit, such as couriers, measurers, installers, and assemblers. The route is recorded using GPS, and data about the employee's movements, the beginning and end of the working day, periods of inactivity, and time spent on tasks is sent to a server. This makes it easier to identify deviations from the route, calculate idle time and measure overtime.

The module can be integrated with CRM systems, allowing the employer to assign tasks to employees and mark completed stages.

A trajectory of movement

The use of BB facilitates:

  • Objective information;
  • Employee discipline;
  • Transparency in salary calculation;
  • Quick data analysis with report printing functionality.
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We are able to customise the program to meet our clients' needs.