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Sharing information virally

August 7, 2013

It's not just net entrepreneurs who will see the benefit of this! This project involved one development stage of an entertainment website. Users can design a digital greeting card on the site, add a beautiful background, write a text congratulating the recipient in an unusual, or perfectly ordinary font, and add music to be played while the card is read. The card can then be converted to a link to be sent to the recipient via email or any text messenger. The site is very popular, receiving more than a million unique viewers per day on festivals and national holidays. It’s very important that the servers are able to withstand the traffic, but the project architecture is a completely different story, which deserves to be told separately. At some point an IT specialist set to work on a promotion, which involved the following idea. It is now possible to send a postcard through a paid account, or via an application or on a social network. Furthermore, when the card is sent, the application asks for authorization in the social network and sends a notification about the user sending a card to another user to the social network’s news feed. Friends of the sender will see that he or she has congratulated their friend, who is most likely a friend or acquaintance of the people reading the notification. This leads to flow to the site, where people will view the card, significantly increasing traffic to the site, as well as the loyalty of new users, who will also have people to send cards too. This has the effect of a chain reaction, immediately increasing the views for advertising on the site and, consequently, bringing in money from displaying the advertising and providing a revenue for the site. The New Year’s holidays were selected for the launch of an advertising campaign, as this is traditionally the time when traffic is highest. The server portion of the site was able to cope with the increased number of visitors.


Sharing information virally

Client: Electronic card website

Upon opening, the application displays a list of all recent and upcoming holidays and festive occasions, including contacts’ birthdays. This information appears as a simple list with filter category options. E-card delivery is conducted via telecoms operators using SMS, as well as email and social networks. The software was developed on iOS, Android and web platforms to spread hidden advertising information on the resource to the widest possible audience. The desire to send an e-card via social networks using the mobile application and website leads to the publication of links to the site on the user’s wall where the e-card is visible to all the addressee’s friends. This generates a ripple effect.