Creation of Android and iOS mobile applications

Creation of Android and iOS mobile applications

October 15, 2012

An ex-researcher at Nokia, and now one of the heads of Frog Design, Jan Chipchase has for several years collected data about what people always carry with them. His research shows that the most common personal items are money, keys and a mobile phone. This is not surprising: all of us make sure that we have these things with us before we leave the house. You can't buy anything without money. You won't be able to return home without your keys. And if you leave your mobile phone behind you feel completely helpless, as it is via mobile phone that modern people receive information and communicate with each other.

This article touches upon some aspects of the contemporary marketing of goods, products, services and brands. More and more company CEOs are coming to understand how important it is for their company to be present on mobile devices. Creation of Android and iOS applications for mobile devices has long been part of the marketing policy of famous brands, as it enables them to increase sales and nurture brand loyalty.

Creation of mobile applications for Apple and Android

Android and Apple

The absolute market leader for mobile operational systems is Android, which belongs to Google. According to statistics, every second smartphone in the world runs this OS. Second place is taken by iOS, designed by the Apple Company. By the end of 2011, gross sales of iPhones and iPads had exceeded 170 million items; this is why it is worth ordering mobile application development primarily for Android and iOS.

If you need to develop a mobile application for iPhone or for Android devices, EDISON specialists will create a convenient and functional app, which your clients will find a pleasure to work with. EDISON Software Development Centre is a team of highly qualified developers, who specialise in creating mobile applications for smartphones and tablet PCs and in solving sophisticated programming tasks. After endorsement it is possible to publish the application in AppStore and Play Market.

Why would a brand create mobile applications?

Creation of mobile applications for Android and iOS is a reasonable investment in times of constant change in demand. A modern brand can't do without mobile applications. They provide:

01 Audience expansion Creation of mobile applications for Android is a good opportunity to make oneself known to a wide scope of smartphone users. More than 77% of the global population use mobile devices. Every person who has bought such a device can potentially become your company's client. Developing mobile applications for Apple iOS and other operational systems is the key to success.
02 A new way to communicate with the best clients A quality application earns respect, and opens up an additional advertising channel. If a company is striving to become a leader in its market, it cannot afford to neglect the communication channel that brings it the best buyers. Smartphone users are an educated, modern and solvent audience.
03 Brand loyalty It is telling that Apple adds the prefix “I” to all their products. A mobile phone has long been associated with personal space. If a person installs an application, it means that he trusts the brand. And this loyalty can be measured quantitatively.
04 Viral advertising A well-made and high-quality application for Android and iOS will become a part of a viral advertising campaign. Some users will leave positive comments about it and share links to it; others will download it, install it and recommend it to their friends and acquaintances.
05 News opportunities For any company creation of mobile applications for iPhone or Android devices is a newsworthy event, and an opportunity to showcase the care that they have for their clients.