Video advertisement broadcasting

Video advertisement broadcasting

July 17, 2013

Banking organization

Developed a system for broadcasting video content. The company has 200 offices in 150 cities. These offices have tablet computers with the software pre-installed and broadcast the video clips. A specially-designed application requests content update packages from the server. The system automatically recognizes the latest version available on the server and downloads these updates at set intervals. Account management, collection of user status information and version updates take place via the company website.

We created a system to broadcast video advertising content, ensuring first and foremost that the quality of the image and the message itself were able to be transmitted across a wide variety of geographic locations. We took into account the fact that the tablet is now ubiquitous, providing a similar processing speed to computers while being much more portable. While the screen is too small to be useful in delivering content to large audiences, video image can be transmitted from a tablet to a TV monitor or projector with a standard cable – the tablet can then also be controlled using a mobile device.

In this way, video content can be streamed simultaneously to many tablets hooked up to the network. It is often the case that decisions made at the management level ‘trickle’ down to employees in a distorted way, as in a game of Chinese whispers. The more links in the chain, the greater the level of distortion. With this tool for video streaming, a meeting held in the head office can be streamed live to the regions, eliminating any distortion of meaning and so improving efficiency. When it is necessary to directly broadcast pre-recorded video material to multiple destinations in different cities and even countries, the programme can broadcast the content to all Android and iOS tablets which have the software installed and which can in turn be connected to a TV monitor or projector, an effective way of presenting advertising of a new product or service to contractors, or to disseminate professional information. The software is also used to update video loops which are used on a rotating basis in offices, boardrooms and other locations – the application constantly checks the server for updated content, downloading it and replacing the previous version. In this way, updating news items and advertising for new services and special offers can be done on a server, with the relevant information automatically updated on all screens and so minimizing labour time and eliminating discrepancies in content across locations.

The solution is effective for organizations working with many clients (such as banks, as well as consulting and insurance firms). Administrators can broadcast information about exchange rates, fuel prices, services and programmes, news and share information to customers and clients. The fact that streaming can be done simultaneously makes the product ideal for broadcasting advertising material to large numbers of offices.

Video advertisement broadcasting
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