Development of Android applications

Development of Android applications

July 9, 2014

Android is one of the most popular – and certainly most discussed – portable operating systems for development of mobile Android applications. The history of the system starts with the Linux core; it can be installed not only on smartphones and tablet PCs, but also on the latest netbooks, music players and even watches. The success of the brand can be explained by the incredible possibilities provided to every user of Android OS. Let us explain the advantages that enable it to compete with its closest and most serious rival – iOS.

Example of a client-server chat that we developed for Android devices
01 Mobile qwerty A Qwerty-keyboard layout to ensure ease of use.
02 Gamepad A wide range of games and leisure applications, which are for the most part totally free. Its openness enables everybody to develop applications for Android, as well as use the interactive Google store for successful management of one's own business.
03 Rocket System performance. Owing to product testing, the practical absence of bugs and other unpleasant moments enables one to fully enjoy a new and actually mobile smartphone or a tablet PC.
04 Version evolution Giant strides are made from one version to the next: mobile maps, calls to other countries at special prices from Google, etc. In Android devices the file system is integrated with a removable memory card. This helps to retrieve pictures and other important documents, even when the device is discharged or broken. Unlike iOS, with Android Bluetooth technology is implemented to its fullest extent.

Since 2005 Android has belonged to Google – a corporation with a worldwide reputation. In 2009 Russian consumers got their first chance to enjoy an Android gadget, “Highscreen” – a smartphone with router functions. Since then renewed versions of the OS have been developed, every one of which is maximally adapted to the fast-changing demands of users. All applications for the system are made available on Google Play, formerly known as Android Market. This function opens up the possibility of developing Android applications.

Devices with Android

  • Smartphones, Motorola Nexus, HTC, Samsung routers
  • Tablet PCs, netbooks, smartbooks of the abovementioned brands
  • Portable multimedia players, electronic books from many manufacturers
  • GameStick consoles and others

And that is not all! Today the following are managed by OS Android:

  • Mobile applications for cars produced by Honda, Audi, Hyundai
  • The Dacor Discovery IQ Wall Oven, presented in Las Vegas
  • Washing machines and refrigerators by Korean manufacturers Samsung and LG
  • The coffee machine Zipwhip

Application development for Android is easily integrated with many hardware platforms. The great advantage of this system is that it can be used by people with different income levels. At present it also provides a multi-user mode, working with electronic finances and stock-exchange quotations from any part of the world, access to libraries and video libraries.

The specifics of developing for Android

Developing applications for Android is now in demand not only with large companies: it can also help to take a taxi service business, sushi and pizza delivery, a flower shop or a confectioner's shop to a totally new level of development, and raise the demand for the products on offer.

01 Algorithm Logistics systems offering the possibility of tracking product transfers.
02 Store and Automation Automated systems for managing shops, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, etc.
03 Web application with pictures Bonus widgets (special offers, information about sales, etc.).
04 Gamepad Entertainment (games, infographics for non-standard presentation of a company's services or its new products).
05 Shop basket Electronic commerce (applications with order history).
06 Mobile applications Various mobile applications.