Development of iOS mobile applications

Development of iOS mobile applications

October 12, 2012

Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak, today Apple Inc. is not just a world famous producer of quality electronics but a truly iconic brand. The company has stayed successful because:

  • It produces benchmark products – simple, stylish and functional.
  • It designs creative advertising campaigns (“It (iPhone 5) is 795% taller than the last one”) and creates slogans that are hard to forget: “Think different”, “It just works…”
  • It is one of the leaders by number of innovations (one of the latest developments is 4G standard support and the stable mobile operating system iOS 6.0).
  • It develops mobile applications for iPad and iOS devices, and also strictly moderates all software products that appear in AppStore.

Apple's history is full of ups and downs. For example, in 1985 the US president Ronald Reagan awarded Wozniak and Jobs the National Medal for Technology, but the same year Jobs left the company. The corporation went on to suffer a greater downturn: in 1997 its loss for the previous two years was USD 1.86 billion. It was then that Jobs returned to the company, and it gradually began to discover and take over new markets not immediately connected with computer technologies.

Apple Inc. products

At present the main products manufactured by Apple are:

  • iPad tablet PCs
  • iPhone mobile phones
  • iPod portable media players
  • Professional MacBook laptops and the ultra-slim MacBook Air
  • iMac all-in-one desktop computers

The corporation also produces computer cases, monitors, desktop computers, servers, multimedia players and accessories, and develops applications for iPads, iPods and other iOS devices.

Every new Apple project is different from the others. In March 2012 the new iPad 3 was created, with improved graphics thanks to a new chip, iSight 5MGP camera, new applications for photos, video and music – all of which were much appreciated by their users. And in September 2012 the iPhone 5 was presented to the public. A discreet Retina display has a diagonal of 4 inches; the performance of the device is even better; maps can now be viewed in 3D, and the camera has added a new “panorama” function.

Development of iOS applications

Development of iOS applications is a highly requested service due to the fact that Apple products are in great demand. The most common types of software are.

01 Factory Management systems Management systems for companies, orders, deliveries, logistics, projects, etc.
02 Shop basket E-commerce applications Besides choosing and buying a product, a user can also see what purchases he has made, how many bonus points he has collected, etc.
03 Discount Information widgets Where information about exchange rates, shares, discounts, etc. are constantly displayed on the gadget's screen.
04 Mobile services Mobile services All users appreciate online translators, pocket maps and a navigation systems, social networks and messaging apps.
05 Gamepad Games For people who have time for entertainment; while playing they can receive information about the company's products and services.

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