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June 22, 2009

We’d like to draw your attention to the ElectroOffice – developed using leading Microsoft SharePoint technology. This platform is designed for creating electronic document-circulation systems and corporate portals.




The importance of this development today


When creating ElectroOffice we decided to make it a basis platform which we can then build upon by developing and adding the necessary additional modules. We believe this stage should be part of the implementation process. The existing solutions on the market for creating corporate portals and document-circulation systems all have one significant disadvantage. Corporate portals are sold like systems packages with a standard range of functions. The manufacturer claims that they can optimise any company’s document-circulation with the help of a ready-made program that was developed for someone at sometime. These solutions are often hard to implement in the desire way. The problem being that the long-established working processes within the company must be adapted and changed to fit with a ready-made (not custom-made) model. It’s not worth rejecting everything that has been built up over the years. Think for a minute about how well an electronic document-circulation system would work at a notary’s office if it had been built for use at a bakery?

In the overwhelming majority of cases the customer is sold an expensive license and must regularly pay out significant sums thereafter. A flexible approach to licensing (transferring sufficient rights) also allows us to make our portals more accessible to end users due to the fact that the customers’ own specialists can continue to service and develop portals independently.


Having built up significant expertise in portal implementation, we believe that in order to achieve quality document-circulation it is necessary to customise the development of each portal on an individual client basis.