Integrating project and enterprise management systems

Integrating project and enterprise management systems

August 15, 2009

Top managers of companies with automated project management observe increased efficiency both from individual employees and departments as well as from the company as a whole. An automated project management system represents one unified information system which consists of the following elements: a universal platform, a collection of resources, methods, procedures, and tools used in the management process. Automated company management systems also include the necessary tools for monitoring task completion and guidelines for assessing the efficiency of departments. By using a system like this, a company can achieve its goals cost-effectively and on time.

Multifunctional systems (such as Oracle and SAP) are required to automate project management within transnational companies. However, lower cost systems (such as Microsoft products) are suitable for large, medium and small businesses.

EDISON Software Development Centre develops and integrates project management systems using the following platforms: Microsoft, bugzilla, mantiss, jira and others.

We have firsthand experience of successfully implementing an automated system of project and departmental management within our own company and specialise in the development and execution of automation projects. At EDISON, we can create a clear and precise set of guidelines, tasks and daily performance records for any company or project office.