Software redesign and modernization

Software redesign and modernization

August 11, 2014

Even a recently developed package's software may require a redesign, if it does not satisfy all the user's needs. Consequently, it will need to be modernized. The leader in ‘horizontal’ coding is Microsoft. Today, its products are installed on practically all devices. Apple is another mega-producer, who predetermines the future of the market. To support their continued existence, corporations are regularly compelled to release new versions of operating systems, creating a situation where software quickly becomes outdated and must be updated.

Many specific packages for finance, accounting, retail, production automation, insurance and health care are not as prone to the obsolescence caused by operating system updates. Specialist software becomes outdated because of changes to legislation and industry standards.

Advantages of software redesign

Diamond Attain an ideal version During software updates, business and administrative processes, which are not covered by standard packages, are studied thoroughly.
Development and system unit Develop to a certain configuration Modernisation can help to avoid the time-consuming and sometimes unsuccessful process of software deployment on company equipment.
Integration Easy to implement There is no need to adjust one's activities when working with standard software. The client knows exactly what kind of outcome he is going to get, since modernization is conducted according to a requirements specification, which covers all aspects.
Clock and scissors Time saving Having received a unique package of applications, a client can start work immediately. Staff training, in the case of customized redesign, also goes faster.
medal Guarantees When modernizing software, the contracting company bears all the responsibility for its adherence to the functionality requirements. Indeed, defects are quickly eliminated.