Starting a sports bookmaker (bookie)

Starting a sports bookmaker (bookie)

June 15, 2016

One of the most important elements of a sports bookmaker (bookie) company is the software which handles financial operations, manages information suppliers and clients' personal data, and performs numerous other functions.

Finding the right software is not as easy as it may appear. Large bookmaking companies often allow other companies to make use of their software solutions, but working under a partnership agreement significantly limits the franchiser. “Software packages” which are sold on various websites for $100–$300 have absolutely nothing to offer any serious business and can only do harm.

Specialized packaged software created by an independent developer can be a compromise. “Bookmaker” is one of several software products available for starting up and running a successful bookmaking company. It includes all necessary functionality from receiving and processing bets on various events of all types, to the fine-tuning of management on the administrative side of the project. Clients can choose from three editions – “Bookmaker Offline”, “Bookmaker Online”, and “Bookmaker”, which includes both versions.

Bookmaker Online

The edition enables the setting up of an online company which receives and processes bets and calculates stakes on sporting events within a very short time frame. The three key principles of Bookmaker Online are:

  • Convenience for clients
  • High-level security
  • Flexibility for modification

The software can be conveniently divided into two sides – the client side (public) and the administrative side (private).

User functions include registration, viewing lines and results, placing bets (single, express, system etc.), detailed statistics, user accounts and information sections. Bookmaker Online supports all popular payment systems as well as cash operations at service desks located at betting outlets. The developer of the product, EDISON Software Development Centre, also offers the creation of unique tailored solutions and all kinds of adaptations to respond to the specifics of a particular market.

The administrative side has wide-ranging possibilities for managing lines, coefficients and bonuses. The owner of a bookmaking company can easily change the provider of statistical data, edit coefficients, and add any limitations and bonuses, for instance on “long” express bets. The players' activity is automatically grouped into reports which are presented in a convenient format for viewing on the administrative side. The financial module allows administrators to track client transactions and make payments on demand.

Bookmaker Offline

This edition can be used for opening real outlets, that is to say bookmaking office service desks which accept bets made by individuals. Bookmaker Offline has two main applications – the service desk application and a large on-screen visualization. A bookmaking clerk can receive bets from players, pay in and pay out money, print out lines and results, manage information on the screen, and create and view reports.

EDISON specialists offer expansions to the standard functionality, introducing unique modules or features which can help the owner of the company be competitive in the relevant sphere. Improvements and adjustments can be implemented at any moment: the client only needs to provide ideas and set the tasks.