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Vivaldi electronic library network

August 21, 2014

Who is interested in an electronic library system with access to the your state library? Students and professors, scholars, scientists and art critics — only a very small segment of the population needs access to bibliographical archives.



The Vivaldi electronic library network gives you access to important documents


If you have ever dreamt of a round-the-clock library where you can instantly find scientific papers, a rare book or a valuable tutorial, rejoice: it already exists! Vivaldi is not only a useful service for students; it is also a real boon for universities.


Vivaldi collaborates with scientific centres, journals and large libraries, enabling the citizens to get access to rare copies of books, teaching aids, encyclopedias and periodicals.


Who can benefit from the Vivaldi virtual library?



Students. Access from anywhere with an internet connection. Visit a special online reading room seven days a week and 24 hours a day. The chance to carefully manage your time, create a personal educational pattern. Access to the archives of other universities, printouts of useful pages in real time.


Professors. It saves time as one doesn’t have to visit actual libraries and spend time searching for material. It offers a huge archive that is easy to navigate. Personal teaching aids can be published, as well as books for a large group of students to access and edit on-the-spot. One does not need to spend a lot of money on publishing one’s work, as is the case in print publication. Access to some materials can be restricted according to certain criteria.


Universities. Creation of virtual reading rooms, staff shrinkage, the money saved from not having to buy and keep books, journals, newspapers, which require for their storage a special temperature, humidity and other features of room microclimate. Buying a Vivaldi electronic library system provides access to rare copies of books with only one printed copy. The main advantage is a fast payback and quick distribution to all branches of the university.


It values the work of librarians, helps professors offer their scientific work to a wide audience, and offers an opportunity for institutes, academies and universities to get their own interactive library, to implement programs of mobile or blended learning within the framework of their educational institution.


Download “Vivaldi International”.

Download “Flexibility of Vivaldi”.

Download presentation of Vivaldi.