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Management Stages


Software development management at our company includes the following:



Planning. Division of the entire bulk of work into integral parts and definition of the project stages. Elaboration of detailed work schedules. Coordination of general requirements for work organisation. Coordination of the levels of documentation and testing.


Assignment. With a view to ensuring the terms of work, we negotiate the possibilities of appointing specialists to be in charge of the project. The programmers appointed to work on each separate project dedicate all their time to it which guarantees regular and purposeful work.


Control. We exercise constant control over the process of project execution with a view to avoiding possible mistakes and the need to rectify them later.


Assessment. The validity of decisions and assessment of their consequences - including the evaluation of the effectiveness of any particular action. We also conduct any necessary experiments before using new technologies in our work.


Improvement. We aim to improve all the parameters of the project. We conduct analysis of the operations performed with the aim of improving and perfecting our operational skills.