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The main aim of our company's work is to create top quality software. This is the reason why we pay special attention to the testing process and related procedures. Following our own testing, we also offer customers the opportunity to conduct their own product testing prior to final invoicing.



Creation of quality software depends on:

  • a qualified team;
  • experienced project managers;
  • continuous staff training;
  • experience in carrying out development projects in different fields;
  • well planned and controlled development process;
  • use of automation;
  • corrections made in good time;
  • production documentation;
  • compulsory professional testing;
  • an intention to raise the efficiency of the system.


The testing method is chosen according to the required quality: is it going to be a simple website or a microcode of a satellite? We have vast experience in organizing tests, development and constant implementation of an automatic testing code. When confirming a testing plan, one should also consider the cost factor, as constant rigorous testing may take up a significant part of the project’s budget.


Download “Quality Assurance”.

Download “Testing Plan”.