Payment systems development and electronic bus tickets

Payment systems development and electronic bus tickets

July 5, 2011

Another of our company's achievements is development of payment systems. An automated system for selling electronic bus tickets has been launched at bus and coach stations in Kemerovskaya Region.

Kuzbasspassazhiravtotrans is the largest intercity passenger carrier in Siberia. In March 2011, Kuzbasspassazhiravtotrans was awarded a gold medal for the best exhibit at the “Trassib-Expo” trade show for introducing an innovative new online electronic ticketing system.

The organisation's internet-shop acts as the main user interface for the online ticketing system. It is a public resource, where visitors can view timetables then book or buy tickets for any route they desire.

The advantages of the service include:

  • Immediate access to coach timetables
  • Option of booking several tickets for single or return journeys
  • Disabled travellers can buy tickets online without having to visit the bus station
  • Payment can be made via credit card or using other convenient online payment methods

You don't need to register on the website to be able to access timetables, the latest news and other reference information. But you need to register by providing your passport details if you want to buy tickets (in accordance with Russian law).

Besides individual members of the public, travel agencies and intermediary firms have the opportunity to buy coach tickets on mutually advantageous terms and then resell them. These partner agencies sign a contract and are then registered by the administrator of the internet-shop. Thanks to this new service, the client base can be significantly expanded with the help of internet-users (who buy tickets online) and partner agencies (which buy and resell tickets).

However, the user interface is far from being the most complex part of the system. Ticket sales are conducted via the internet-shop and this function is closely integrated with the existing automated management system. So there's practically no difference between selling tickets via the internet and selling them via a ticket office. The information is recorded in the bus station database and it's “business as usual”.

Current timetables for the various routes can be viewed on the website. These are periodically updated to correspond with real-time schedules, which are received via queries sent to the databases of every bus station with the help of a single application server.

The introduction of a corporate promo site will allow the company to present itself to an online audience. Each bus station has its own section on the website. An interactive map shows all bus and coach stations. A map of Kemerovskaya Region is used as the website background and visitors can go to the section of a particular bus station simply by clicking on it.

This resource has been developed for interaction with clients and the public: it contains regulatory documentation, instructions and diagrams, route timetables, special offers and news. The website also provides historical “virtual excursions” with interesting photographs. Site visitors can leave their comments and suggestions regarding services provided by the bus stations.

Today, the automated ticketing and coach traffic control system is in operation at 15 bus and coach stations in Kemerovskaya Region. In the future, we plan to develop and perfect the technologies used and develop new software with the aim of improving customer service and enhancing company manageability.